ECOSTAR’s 9 core network partners include university departments and small and medium-sized enterprises from 4 different countries in the EU, plus one from the US.

ECOSTAR is promoted by:

unipd The TESAF Department (Land Environment Agricultural and Forestry Department), is a modern research and teaching department in the University of Padova, one of the oldest universities in the world. Its main area of research is related to the use of forest and agricultural resources for the production of fibre and food, in rural development policies. More specifically, TESAF works intensively with a multidisciplinary approach on Marketing and Economics of Ecosystem Services.
ETIFOR is a spin-off of the University of Padova, helping private companies, public administrations, and NGOs to apply responsible management of forest and environmental resources. It provides consultancy, project development, research and training services to shape innovative client-based solutions. It delivers Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility services in four strategic areas: Certification and Supply Chains; Climate Change and Ecosystem Services; International Cooperation and Rural Development.


In partnership with:

partner-ecosystem The Ecosystem Marketplace, a project of Forest Trends, is a leading source of news, data, and analytics on markets and payments for ecosystem services (such as water quality, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity). It believes that by making accessible information on policy, finance, regulation, science, business, and other market-relevant factors, markets for ecosystem services will one day become a fundamental part of our economic system.
partner-forestdesign Forest Design is a Romanian company founded in 2004 which provides design and consulting services primarily in the forestry (forest management planning, ecological restoration, land reclamation) and forestry-related areas (biodiversity, web-mapping, GIS, monitoring forest habitats). As a result of this, it has qualified graduates who are willing to engage in its continuous improvement and ongoing activities. It is also involved in mapping and characterization of forest habitats subsequently designated as Natura 2000 sites.
partner-nepcon NEPCon is an international organization that works to promote the responsible use of natural resources and to safeguard sustainable livelihoods. Its approach empowers businesses, organisations and governments to be part of the solution in tackling major global challenges, including deforestation and climate change. Through services and innovation projects, it helps transforming business approaches and consumer behaviour towards more sustainable practices.
partner-madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest Spanish technical university; as a top quality academic establishment it has a strong commitment to R&D and Innovation, boasting over 225 Research Units and over 10 Research Institutes and Technological Centres. The UPM researchers have a lot of expertise in research project participation both at national and international level. The presence of UPM in the international R&D arena is ensured by its consistent participation in various EU programmes.
partner-manchester The School of Social Sciences of the University of Manchester is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in research and teaching across Economics, Politics, Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Social Statistics, Sociology and Census and Survey Research. The breadth of expertise in these areas fosters the ground-breaking research that staff are involved in. The Economics Discipline Area is among the top 10 in the UK and is among Europe’s leading research departments.
partner-ricardo Cascade is a business practice of Ricardo Energy & Environment, offering a comprehensive range of specialist services within the environmental consultancy sector. Cascade specialises in natural capital policy and its practical implementation.  It works for Governments to support policy development and application, including support to the Natural Capital Committee and Ecosystem Market Task Force and the UK Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs and we co-chair the UK Government All Party Parliamentary Group for Natural Capital Accounting.
partner-transilvania The Transilvania University of Brasov is the largest university in the central region of Romania, with the largest research institute of any other Romanian university. It is also a national leader in providing education and research in forestry, wildlife management and conservation of forest ecosystems. It provides high quality study programs in forestry and wildlife management and through its Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering it is involved in several national and international projects.