The Nature-Accelerator is an intensive eight-week program to guide eight nature-based entrepreneurs towards a path of financial and environmental sustainability. It is part of the European project ECOSTAR, conceived and promoted by Etifor Srl and the University of Padua’s Territory and Agricultural Systems (TESAF) department.
Operating partners include the Galileo Visionary District and Unismart. Seven international partners between universities and companies bolster the Nature-Accelerator’s brain power. What is more, the European Commission co-finances the program, investing 1 million euros, while the Veneto region and Fledge, Seattle (USA)-based impact investor too have chosen to believe in the Nature-Accelerator.

I am proud, as CEO of Etifor and Project Coordinator for the University of Padua, to have given life to ECOSTAR: an initiative that has allowed many companies in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship to compare and give birth to the first accelerator dedicated to natural resources,” says Alessandro Leonardi, Etifor CEO and the creator of the Nature-Accelerator. “We have chosen to bring the Nature-Accelerator to the Campus of Agripolis because that’s where everything was born. A place of excellence where startups can get in touch with the heart of Research & Development in agroforestry, food and environment in the broad sense“.


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Developed by ECOSTAR and powered by Fledge, the Nature-Accelerator is an intensive eight week acceleration programme for nature-based startups. As part of ECOSTAR initiative, Etifor Srl and the University of Padova, promote and manage the acceleration programme.