On the 03/04 – 07/04, the first ECOSTAR mobility exchange took place between NEPCon and the Transylvanian University of Brasov.

Ariel Zorrilla, from NEPCon, reports on his exchange:

Upon reaching Brasov, I was warmly greeted by Mr. Abrudan Ioan Vasile and Mr. Florin Halalisan. One of the first things I noticed was how nice the local people were. This being my first trip to Brasov and Romania, I didn’t know what to expect. However, the attachment to folk customs and heritage is quite strong. I would like to say that overall my experience taught me that there is a lot of possibility to open new doorways to opportunity, indeed, I was able to create some new networks while in Brasov, and I believe, with more time, I would be able to create many more.

One of the most evident opportunities are in the potential for exploration of opportunity in ecosystem and eco-tourism services, considering the very evident and beautiful forests that were presented to me during field trips, and the scale of the landscape with a few population living in. I truly learned about a new European culture and explored possible future collaborations between NEPCon and the University of Brasov in forest certification. I hope they were convinced of my presentations.

Thank you for everything Brasov!”