Only eight of the anticipated hundreds of applicants will be selected to participate in the accelerator.  Each will be given €15.000 in cash, which along with the training, mentorship, and on-going support will be structured as an investment. This investment is uniquely structured as redeemable equity, 6% of the total shares of the company with the startup repurchasing half the shares using 4% of future revenues, similarly to the other accelerators operated by Fledge in the Seattle, Lima and Barcelona.

This investment structure was designed to make Fledge a partner in each fledgling, sharing future success, with the incentives aligned with the founders, aiming to create sufficient, sustainable revenues to keep the business operating and growing. This Accelerator Model is not reliant on an “exit”. It success when the fledgling succeeds, earning revenues from customers. And if the business does not succeed, nothing is owed to Fledge (beyond anything already repaid).

FUNDS € 15K per startup
TAKES 6% equity
FUNDS 8 startups per year
MARKETS Natural resource sectors
INVEST IN Europe and Worldwide